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Our Diverse Team Gives The Greater Boston Area The Best in Medical Support And Private Duty Caregiving.

We Have The Skills and Expertise You've Been Looking For In-Home Care.

We are the leading provider of medical support and private duty caregiving in Boston, MA. We seek to deepen our relationships with caregivers and clients alike, providing continuity of care for the elderly, terminally ill, and people recovering from injury or illness. Our diverse team ranges from Registered Nurses (RNs), to Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), and Companionship Caregivers to provide you with the best possible level of care.

Browse our extensive network of care professionals to learn how Curtin Home Care can support you.

In-Home Caregivers

What they do:

Our In-Home Caregivers will meet all of your non-medical care needs. This includes companionship, meal prep & groceries, personal care, housekeeping, transportation & errands, medication reminders, and more.

How they help:

It’s important that seniors maintain their dignity, but sometimes they can’t do it on their own. You need respite care you can trust, and our In-Home Caregivers will give your loved one the quality, safe, and compassionate care they deserve.

Patient-Centered Dementia Caregivers

What they do:

For seniors with Dementia or Alzheimer's, it is important to them to stay in the environment that they call home. We prioritize putting your loved one first by creating opportunities for social interaction, maintaining routines and a safe environment, managing their changing behaviors, and stimulating the brain through engaging activities.

How they help:

Our Dementia Caregivers understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the care of those living with Dementia or Alzheimer's. You gain peace of mind knowing that our Dementia Caregivers are highly trained and experienced with providing compassionate, friendly, and safe care to those living with this challenging disease.

Registered Nurses (RNs)

What they do:

Curtin Home Care has 24 Hour Registered Nurses (RNs) available to meet your loved ones physical and emotional needs. Our Registered Nurses offer one on one care and assist with medical needs, daily living, and engagement activities. Our RN's can provide anywhere from 4 hours, to 24-hour care. Our Registered Nurses are also available for travel with clients in certain situations

How they help:

You receive peace of mind knowing that your loved one is taken care of around the clock while staying in an environment that is familiar and comfortable to them. Our Registered Nurses provide the high-quality level of care you deserve.

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs)

What they do:

In-Home Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) assist with basic medical care such as taking vitals, measuring weight, assisting with medical equipment, along with daily living care tasks that benefit the quality of your loved one of life.

How they help:

Our CNA's provide both medical and caregiver support services to give your loved one a fully supportive level of quality care.

Veterans Caregiver Services

What they do:

We are honored to provide exemplary care for our veterans. Our Veterans Caregivers provide housekeeping, personal care, medication reminders, dementia care, PTSD support, and palliative care.

How they help:

Our Veterans Caregivers take care of homebound veterans to support them with daily living tasks and medical services.

Post-Hospital Care Nurses

What they do:

Home Care isn’t just for seniors- it can also be the ideal solution for you, post-hospitalization. After a hospital stay, our Post-Hospital Care Nurses help facilitate a smooth recovery and can aid in treatments, making them more effective. Our nurses help facilitate a smooth recovery in the comfort of your home.

How they help:

Post-Hospital Care Nurses reduce stress on family members who provide care as well as assisting with the recovery process. By having our team by your side you gain peace of mind knowing someone is there to take care of you when you really need it.

Disability Support Caregivers

What they do:

We provide home support for anyone living with disabilities, regardless of age or condition. Our Disability Support Caregivers can assist with personal care, travel to and from appointments, coaching, and motivational support, body re-positioning, medication supervision, housekeeping, respite care.

How they help:

Our Disability Support Caregivers can assist inside the home with everyday living activities, and outside the home with community participation and other events to allow clients the opportunity to live a well-rounded lifestyle.

In-Facility Caregivers

What they do:

We liaison with additional care facilities to continue serving our clients with the best possible level of care. Our team-oriented approach to care ensures that your loved one is never alone.

How they help:

Our supplemental In-Facility Caregivers ensure that all the needs of your loved one are met and they receive the quality level of care and attention they deserve.

End of Life Caregivers

What they do:

Our highly trained, experienced, and compassionate End of Life Caregivers provide your loved one and family with the support and assistance to support you through this difficult time. We will seamlessly integrate into your family and handle end-of-life tasks while supporting your needs.

How they help:

Your loved one deserves high quality and personalized care through one-on-one attention. Our in-home End of Life Caregivers will provide you with this peace of mind. Together, we can support your family through this difficult time.

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The Curtin Home Care staff shows attention to detail, flexibility and a genuine concern for each client. While I'm at work I have peace of mind knowing that my mother is getting the best possible care.

Thank you for the continued help. You have many wonderful caregivers working for you. It was very comforting to know that my parents were in good hands.

Your aide was a welcome addition today. She does have great organizational skills, and helped tremendously organizing the kitchen and did an awesome job with my mother's closet. She takes initiative and seems to have a strong work ethic. I loved her. We welcome her help anytime.

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